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Float Trips: Current & Jacks Fork Rivers

Float away on the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers located in Missouri's largest National Park: the Ozark National Scenic Riverway. Our rivers offer a subtle, incomparable beauty that has long delighted fishermen, canoeists and campers.

Canoe, Kayak, Raft or Tube the Jacks Fork & Current Rivers

Ozark National Scenic Riverways National Park is outstanding for the clear, fast rivers fed by springs which have earned it the name of "Big Springs Country" and sparked the nationwide desire to see the region preserved in its natural state.


Akers Ferry Canoe Rental
* 800-365-2537 (upper Current River)

Carr's Current River Canoe Rental
* 800-333-3956 (upper Current River)

Harvey's Alley Spring Canoe Rental
* 888-96-FLOAT

Two Rivers Canoe Rental
* 888-833-4931

Windy's Canoes, Tubes, Kayaks & Rafts
* 866-889-8177

Float Trips on the Jacks Fork

The Jacks Fork River is a tributary of the Current. It is one of the wildest and most scenic of the Missouri Ozark streams. Its deep valley is nearly a canyon, with no bottomland fields for the first 25 floatable miles. Many sections of the Jacks Fork provide fine fly fishing water. The Jacks Fork is a class I and II river. The gradients are: average is 7 feet; Prongs to Buckhollow is 8.6; to Rymer 8; to Alley 7; to Two Rivers 6.3.

Current River Float Trips

The Current River is the most spring-fed of all Ozark rivers. It may be floated all year. In normal water, it is a very safe river with no sections which could properly be termed rapids. The Current is a class I, occasionally a class II river (difficulty is measured by class and ranges from I – IV). The gradients ( feet of drop per mile) are: average is 4.4 feet; Montauk to Akers is 8.7; to Two Rivers is 5; to Big Spring is 3.8.